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nollywod785-3 vouched for Coinality

My name is Jonathan Demme, am from France i will brief you more oncei hear from you as soon as possible i will like to discuss with you,but not here in bitrated email me to (

With Regards Jonathan Demme

chongsetdmt-5 vouched for Coinality

No matter what you are going through, I wish that all the bad things go away from you and happiness comes to you. Have a nice day dear! Thanks you for voted my site:

bonc32 reviewed Coinality

Trade with Coinality as the buyer and bonc as the seller.

coblee332 vouched for Coinality

Dan is a good and trustworthy guy. And he runs a great site!

Coinality vouched for coblee

Coblee was very helpful as a Trust Agent for a small REP transaction. Thanks!

coblee332 reviewed Coinality

Trade with Coinality as the buyer and coblee as the trust agent.

Coinality reviewed coblee

Trade with coblee as the trust agent and Coinality as the buyer.

Coinality reviewed bonc

Trade with bonc as the seller and Coinality as the buyer.

Coinality reviewed cass

Cass is a very talented designer and is able to make quick adjustments on the fly. Highly recommend!

This review is not attached to a Bitrated trade.

cass42 vouched for Coinality

Howdy - i’ve worked for coinailty to create a landing page! Great guys!

Coinality vouched for derek

Derek is knowledgeable and trustworthy. HoneyBadgr is doing important work in the bitcoin community.

Coinality vouched for linda

Linda is a highly talented and trustworthy investigator. She is very detail-oriented and rational in her decision-making process.

Coinality vouched for JustinMart

Justin is an exceptional fraud analyst with the ability to boil down large amounts of data into meaningful, bite-sized bits. He is a trustworthy asset to any team.

JustinMart56 vouched for Coinality

I work with Dan and he’s very talented, very trustworthy, and has built and amazing service in Coinality. He would be a great addition to any team.

Coinality vouched for Rees

Rees is an extremely talented data wizard and is very trustworthy.