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I haven’t had any personal dealings with Franko but I have heard nothing but good things from people I associate with, including some who have met him at events. A trustworthy developer —- vouched.

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Amazing and trustworthy!

SpiryX130 vouched for defaced

He is the creator of Franko Currency (cryptocurrency) I met him by discovering his coin. He was very helpfully from start and now I am being part of his team. It’s a cool and trustfull guy.

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Chris is devoting himself to Franko and the coin is making great progress. He’s a trustful guy.

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defaced (Franko) is a great guy, known him for a few years and involved in many crypto projects. Creator of Franko also.

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Kind of dev (and person) i’d love to work with.

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Solid developer, and a solid guy in general. Smart dude.

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Nice and honest guy!More than good dev.

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Fantastic Dev…always willing to share his vast knowledge.

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A solid, trustworthy dev, Franko is always innovating, experimenting and stretching the boundaries of crypto technology. He’s an asset to the entire cryptocurrency world.

JCarleski0 vouched for defaced

I met Franko at the 2014 Cryptolina convention in Durham, NC. He has a good grasp of the crypto space and the technical requirements to keep improving it.

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