simondlr161 vouched for francois

Can vouch for Francois! Know him from the Cape Town Bitcoin scene.

garth567 vouched for francois

Well, I have been trading with Francois for over two years now, since back in the old days before the systems and exchanges that have been established today. Back in the day when I had to trust someone whom I had never met, and he in turn had to trust me. The little security measures we had set up between us to ensure we didn’t rip each other off were laughable to say the least. I to this day, have never met Francois in person, but we have become good friends through the internet and I have done probably around R100,000 worth of trade with him directly, and a further R100,000 indirectly. There are only two people on Earth that I would trust blindly and without guarantees with Bitcoin transactions. The one is Jeremy West in Australia, and the other is Francois Harris, right here in South Africa. His professionalism and integrity are beyond reproach.

driagnor0 vouched for francois

Really fast and efficient service

TheoS0 vouched for francois

Francois is a stand up guy, all my dealings with him have been speedy and trouble free.

hobert1230 vouched for francois

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